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Community Choir Performance

Mary Help of Christians Yr 3-6 School Choir

The Mary Help of Christians school choir recently embarked on an inspiring journey to connect with retired seniors, leaving a lasting impact on all involved. Led by the
talented music teacher, Mrs. Moss, the choir visited “The Link” as part of a community program. Their mission was to bridge the generational gap, bring comfort
through music, and foster meaningful connections.

The students performed a diverse medley of songs that resonated deeply with the elderly audience, bringing smiles to their faces.
The ensuing interaction was heart-warming, with students and seniors sharing stories, laughter, and wisdom, transcending age barriers.

This experience showcased the unifying power of music and the beauty of human connection, affirming that common ground can be found through shared experiences
and a love for music.

The choir’s performance was more than just music; it was a melody of compassion and understanding. We eagerly anticipate future interactions that will continue to strengthen these bonds.

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School ChoirMary Help of Christians Primary School
School ChoirMary Help of Christians Primary School
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