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AIH Regional Green Space Award Winner

Sawtell Catholic Care’s ‘The Link’ community gardens were named as the best in Australia at the Australian Institute of Horticulture’s Awards Ceremony, held at Melbourne’s Rose Street Artists Markets on Friday 28 October 2022.

In spite of the weather, that was good for gardens and ducks but not much else,

The Australian Institute of Horticulture. President Alan Burnell and Vice President Andrew Prowse re-presented the AIH Regional Green Space of the Year 2023 at The Link,

along with awards for project contributors Claudia Nevell of Garden Expressions and the Great Gardens team on Thursday, 23 February.

Garden Expressions’ Senior Landscape Designer Claudia Nevell, and Great Gardens Landscaping will also receive an award for their collective input towards creating a natural destination, which is, as Michael Darragh, CEO stated at the awards night, “also a physical expression of our mission in action, a safe place where we can grow together as a community and nurture a shared understanding of care for our land, our environment and each other.”

Thanks to Gurmesh Singh MP and Sawtell Catholic Care Board Chair David Robson for officially opening the “Potting Shed” Community Garden and Sawtell Catholic Care CEO Michael Darragh and Director of Mission Matt Digges for their tree planting prowess. We now have a rare and delightful White Jacaranda tree as part of the environment at The Link Garden!



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